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Ok,first the title It doesnt have much to do with the drawing itself. Yes,they're cats Yes,theyre badass But thats it,nothing that has ...



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lazy student over here
Btw, i use some of these brushes, so yeah…

Also an asshole and complete trash but what did you expect from an artist named "alpacaHell"?
Yeah, not much

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I was tagged by T3rrorT1ts and TheDrawingTool  AND paige-follows  AND ArtzyT00L (I SWEAR TO-)
This tag is about colors and such!~ 
Colors. Think about a color, one that conjures up a strong feeling, a visual picture, a sound, or whatever.
i'll just write down my associations to their colors + some individual ones

Red: BLOOOD, karkat, hell, fire, my bed lamp

Blue: drowning, vriska and equius, did you know that that empty deo bottle that is in my room for 3 years is blue

Green: cliche face if somebody is throwing up, nepeta and gay kanaya, i used to have a green dragon plush named "rache" (the german word for dragon is "drache", i thought i was a genius for that -.-)

Yellow: piss, sollux, fire yet again, that poster on my door

Orange: its the buddhas color for happyness i think, dark piss, orange you mad, an orange hairbrush fell onto my hair once (from the roof might i add)

Purple: suffocating, gamzee, my cOMPLETE ROOM, also pillows

White: YING, bad fantrolls, 66% of german population, glue

Black:  YANG, shitty fantrolls, my soul, emos, what id paint my room if my dadnt didnt have a stick up his gigantic arse

Pink: Mettaton, really shitty fantrolls, my favorite pair of socks

chocolate brown: the perfect pile of shit, chocolate, who says chocolate brown instead of brown bitch please

turquoise: the ocean (you can drown in it), kind of terezi, my moms favorite colour even though i hate her, i always confuse it with turtoise

beige: shit for pastel goths, my stepmother wears it 28/9 still hate her though, its name is so retarted in all languages

rainbows: gay, T3rrorT1ts , gay, homestuck, dirk strider, homestuck, all striders in general, did you know the rainbow is the color of the rainbow, TASTE THE RAINBOW MOTHERFUCKER

Magenta: best color in existence, it resembles death and life and booty, alpaca, alpaca on fire Alpacalypse by alpacaHell

violet: magenta for noobs, eridan, wwatevver, most manly color known to mankind

my addition: gay, and did you know i like homestuck   Meh by alpacaHell (just trying to bring my point over ok)

And Homestuck. Did you knwo that i homestuck

Add whatever color you like!

Tag at least 5 people, or more!

P3aceP3nis (dont dissapoint me gurl i want to be entertained)

i dont have any friends i must add

not that i expect to lol


two classmates of mine have been dealing with butterfly knives (with others)
you know, these
teachers know of 6
but there might be 20 in total,
so yeah
there might be 14 peopke with weapons in my school
hurray amiright
i bought this edgy crown yesterday

and im wearing it the whole time
like non stop besides sleeping and showers (plus we went to my grandma)
T3rrorT1ts help meh
Jenny Doodle.. by alpacaHell but again fucked up anatomy
Jenny doodle by alpacaHell i cant staaap
anatomy kinda fucked up but meh
T3rrorT1ts persona

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T3rrorT1ts Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jenny I swear to god when I don't pick up the phone u have to call again now call me u hellspawn!!!
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T3rrorT1ts Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wanna come iver tomorrow? ???
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Azuriis Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the watch!! Meenah Squee 
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Shwifty0 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much for the watch!
your art is cute :3
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Thanks 4 the watch :D
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